About Us

Professional and Expert Construction

WF CONSTRUCTION is a family company, founded in 2010, by Wilfredis Zavala Romero, we have always been characterized by our responsibility and professionalism. Our greatest interest is that your spaces remain dreamy, where you can comfortably sit and breathe peace. We work throughout the Maryland area.

Our values

Respect our work team and our clients who day by day build our company as a solid family always at the service and support of construction, remodeling and all kinds of household work.

Quality and service with each project to be carried out, from beginning to end with each of the clients and collaborators

Responsibly manage resources by generating a continuous source of benefits for our work team.

Maintain integrity and fairness in our dealings with all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Nos distinguimos por ser la empresa lĂ­der que a lo largo de nuestra experiencia se ha destacado por la calidad en el servicio, la agilidad y entrega segura en todos los proyectos.

Our Vision

To be a great company that reaches many states recognized for our work and commitment in the development of their projects

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